Attending a delightful event or a concert is fun, but getting a ride there can be quite stressful sometimes. But these events don’t always have to be a headache when you travel in one of our custom limousines, van or luxury coach. Our chauffeurs know the quickest ways to get you into any crowded venue, and will be waiting once you are ready to go. Avoid crowded parking garages and muddy lots when enjoying your next event with a ride customized by us. Our professionals work with our customers to enable success in their safe journeys. The employees at Hummer Limousines understand that punctuality, time and quality of service are key to a successful car service and thus works on these principles only. Party the night away safely and stress-free with us while enjoying the evening in the luxury traditional limousine. Travel from spot to spot while living it up and celebrating your friendships.

What Makes Us Different?

Stunning Interior
delivers ample space without sacrificing style.
Always On Time
We offer you rides that are perfect for escorting or picking you without any unwanted surprises.
Customized Plans
We offer a package for different group sizes ranging from 2 passengers rides to 28 passengers.
Refreshments Are Made Available
All our limousines come with a complete bar where clean glasses, napkin and ice are kept along with alcohol that is permitted to adults only.

From the moment a customer calls looking for information concerned with our party transportation service, he/she will know that they found the right limo service. Our customer service representatives will know exactly which vehicle or package to recommend along with how many hours to suggest. We do long distance party packages as well that offer the same 3 hours but we add travel time which can make these packages 5, 6, 7 hours long. Booking with Hummer Limousines only takes a couple of minutes and can be done online or from your smartphones as well.